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Drosophila sp.

Flies in the family Drosophilidae are often called vinegar flies, pomace flies or fruit flies. In houses the flies are found around overripe fruits and vegetables, especially when they begin to ferment. They may also be attracted to bread or other baked goods containing yeast, and to beverages including fruit juices, soda pop, beer, and to vinegar. On occasion you may see one on a moist wash cloth or sponge near the sink getting a drink of water. Several species of this group have been used in studies of genetics and heredity by scientists because of the ease in culturing them and their short life span.

The flies are relatively small, 3-4 mm in length, and brownish to yellowish in color. Many species have red eyes. They generally are found around decaying vegetables and fruits. The larvae are seldom seen, but occur inside the decaying food. Larvae are whitish in color and worm-like in appearance.

Eggs are deposited by the adults on the surface of the soft food on which the larvae will feed. The eggs hatch and the maggot-like larvae begin to feed on the host plant material. The life cycle can be completed in 10 days when temperatures are in the mid to upper 70', however, at 68 degrees F. it may take 15 days. The larvae transform into puparium while adhering to some relatively dry surface near the food source. A few days later the adult flies emerge, at first light in color but on exposure to air, the color darkens.
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